About out company


Many people have to use the transport company’s service. It gets complicated when we don’t know the transport market too well, but we have to quickly find a company and entrust it with our order. What to pay attention to for the order to be perfectly carried out? The experience is what’s the most important. Our company provides the transport services for few years already and it prospers well as we gain the trust of our new clients and keep the trust of the regular ones. Relatively young transport company might by of course much cheaper, but feeling confident about the transported cargo is just priceless. Since we have already mentioned the prices of the transport services, it’s also worth mentioning that they are obviously very important. However there are no regulations or golden rules here.


The expensive service doesn’t always equal to the best one and the cheap service might end up being the best choice. So where is the key for an optimum selection? More than anything you have to get to know the company itself, its philosophy and its concept. For us the transport services are not only the business, but they’re our real passion. We are happy to carry out the orders on the domestic and international scale, because “every destination is on our way”. We value the time and the money of our clients and we do our best for the order to be carried out efficiently. When it comes to the costs – just call us, we will come to an agreement about it! Another valuable indicator is the range of transport. As we’ve mentioned already, we don’t limit ourselves to Poland. We deliver all over Europe and we know certain places and routes like the back of our hands.

That’s how the years of experience and attention to every detail pay off. Our drivers do not tremble with fear when they think of a completely new destination, they confidently sit behind the wheel and carry out the order as befits the professionals. Of course they have all the necessary qualifications, it’s an absolute basis for every transport company. The cars themselves are also a crucial element. They have to be in an excellent technical condition and they need to provide the adequate carrying capacity. Our fleet consists of few diversified vehicles thanks to which we can offer a wide range of services when it comes to transporting cargoes on various routes. You just have to contact us and describe your order, we will match it with the right vehicle without any effort.


You might also do it through our website by filling the right form. It’s worth mentioning that there are companies which undertake every order, no matter whether they have the the possibility to properly carry it out at the moment. We presume that the human life is the highest value and that’s why we don’t embark on the route without the throughout check of the vehicle. We care for every detail in order for everything to proceed safely and without any obstacles. Of course it has no influence over the time needed for the completion of the order. We do realize that the time equals money and every client wants to have the cargo transported as fast as possible. We do our best to ensure it. To sum everything up, one must simply get to know the transport company. The fundamental things are the experience, the approach to the client, the attractiveness of the offer, the range of the services, the drivers and the vehicles. You’ve got to know BeTeCe a little already by visiting our website. We would be really delighted if you decided to contact us about the realization of your order. We are at your disposal!